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10% OFF Wild and Smoked Caviar!
Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon

October Special: 10% OFF Wild and Smoked Caviar!

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Smoked Wild Salmon Caviar Jar, 1.75oz.
Price: 10% OFF 19.95 = $17.95
Smoked Wild Salmon Caviar Jar, 1.75oz.
October Special!
Wild Alaska Salmon Caviar, 1.75oz. Jar
Price: 10% OFF 19.95 = $17.95
Wild Alaska Salmon Caviar, 1.75oz. Jar
October Special!

Alaskan Smoked Fish

A tasty treat! Smoked fish from Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon are always wild caught and prepared fresh that day. Be prepared for the best quality chinook, sockeye, pink and coho salmon available outside of Alaska. If you're in the mood for salmon caviar or fresh, cold packed salmon, we can help you out. The only problem you may encounter is that no other salmon will satisfy you after you try ours!

Wild caught salmon are caught in the icy cold waters of the northern pacific by Alaska. Because they are wild caught, they are bigger and healthier than farm raised salmon, and they have not been treated with antibiotics or other drugs. Wild salmon simply taste better than farm raised. Try some today!

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, then IT IS FREE! Simply let us know and we will refund the full purchase price! Sincerely,
Victoria Rhoades, Owner
Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon!

Use coupon code "smokedfish5" when you order $100-$199 and receive a 5% discount. Order $200-$500 in products and use coupon code "smokedfish10" to receive a 10% discount. Enjoy!

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